by Michele Badas, Michele De Murtas


In June 1997, around 20,000 people set out on a journey from Sardinia to Naples to see a football match in which only one outcome is allowed: victory. Cagliari Calcio, the island’s team, must win the play-off to be able to remain in Serie A.

Deu Ci Seu tells the story of this unique and one-off journey. The biggest exodus in the history of Sardinia: the entire population gets organised to support, despite multiple obstacles, one of the symbols of their identity.



Directed by

Michele Badas, Michele De Murtas

Produced by

Produced by Il Circolo della Confusione

Co-produced by ISRE Istituto Etnografico della Sardegna

With the contribution of Regione Sardegna,

With the support of Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission

In collaboration with Cagliari Calcio

In collaboration with Mompracem