Bice Lazzari – Il ritmo e l’ossessione

directed by Manfredi Lucibello


Bice Lazzari’s life conveys resistance, emancipation, and freedom. Telling her story represents the chance to see the 20th century from a new point of view, that of a woman who fought against the morals and the customs of her time, to establish herself as an artist.
Thanks to records and archival materials, this documentary depicts the artist who has turned her life into the manifesto of her art.



Directed by

Manfredi Lucibello


Benedetta Porcaroli

Rome Film Fest 2022 Freestyle

Produced by

Mompracem, with the participation of Cineteca di Bologna, with the collaboration of Archivio Bice Lazzari, with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.