Welcome to Paradise

directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo


Nadia is a lonely and distrustful girl who wears a blindfold over one of her eyes. While on the riverbank in search of adventure with a few stray cats, she sees some boys from the village mistreat another boy and lock him inside an abandoned shed. Nadia walks away. Then, out of curiosity, she heads back to try and free the “prisoner”. She can’t: the wall separating them gives the girl the opportunity to pretend to be someone she’s not, and to feel, in this game of seduction, a sudden desire to grow up. This project was created and produced for the Fondazione Fare Cinema.



Directed by

Leonardo Di Costanzo


Marta Cammi, Sofiane Bahari, Giorgia Respelli, Luca Massari, Matteo Lorenzo, Vincenzo Michelini, Giovanni Rossi

80th Venice Film Festival Hors Concours

Produced by

Mompracem, Rai Cinema, in collaboration with Fondazione Fare Cinema, Botteghe XNL and Fondazione Piacenza e Vigevano, with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.